TrustPrize is a B2B2C verification system for transparent, safe, and fair giveaways.
My main duties as a co-founder and Product Designer: 
- Concept development and strategy
- Research and user testing
- Prototyping and wireframing
- User interface and components libraries
- Sales material design (keynote decks, infographics, social media posts) 
- Visual identity
The problem
The concept was based on the assumption that the majority of the users don't trust their data to online giveaways today and that this must be a problem for digital marketing or marketing departments since the actual participants must be either repeating leads or of low interest for them to convert to customers.
To validate those assumptions we had to understand what the users and the businesses feel about this.
Market analysis
We investigated the danish and global market to understand the potentials of giveaways, how many companies are using them as a tool, and what is the total market in DKK
Qualitative research (end-users)
For the users, we conducted 4 surveys using Google Surveys wish samples from Denmark and the rest of the world. In general, only 5% are currently trusting giveaways while and the rest were skeptical or negative.
Interviews (business user)
We also conducted a series of personal interviews with professionals in digital marketing which confirmed the issues with the lead quality.
In addition to that we went through the tools that the companies use today we discovered something very disturbing. Not one of them is actually focused on protecting the end-users data or offering fair and transparent draw methods.

We broke down the problem:
- Most users don’t trust giveaways and they don’t participate. The main reason is the misuse of giveaways from most organizers (fake draws, personal data theft, etc.)
- The Businesses won't get quality leads since the ones which participate have usually low lead value.
- The Agencies can’t exploit the great potentials of giveaways as a lead generation tool for their business customers
We proposed the creation of an ecosystem of:
- A SaaS platform for the agencies to create giveaways in a controlled environment
- A transparent and safe draw system for the end-users to offer a brand new experience to the participants
- A rule-set that binds together the above and ensures everything abides with local and international laws (e.g GDPR)

We designed a prototype which we presented to a few businesses who have a direct interest in such a product and the reception was amazing. They found the concept and platform very intuitive to use and they were also convinced that the product, despite the restrictions that come with a rule-set, would enlarge their lead pool.
An MVP was launched in the market in late 2020 to selected customers and it resulted in even 80% conversion rates in phone sales to giveaway participants.
Additional feedback from our customers got us back to the lab and the 1.0 version is expected to be launched in the market in the first half of 2022.
Also, to ensure that giveaways created with the TrustPrize platform were aligned with the laws we consulted the Danish Consumer Ombudsman which validated our processes and the end-user UI.
Our product is approved for funding from the Danish Innovation Fund (Innovationsfonden)

SaaS platform, LiveDraw and website UI
Explainer video production
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