The original video used for sales presentations

In 2018 I had the pleasure to work at Sony Mobile (Sweden) as a Creative Communications Manager (Consultant)
I was responsible for creating visualizations and communication materials for Sony products and portfolio, which includes the following:
- Sell-in presentations (Powerpoint, videos) and materials such as Images, animations, and assets for the sales representatives of Sony all around the world
- Presentations (Powerpoint, infographics, websites) for Sony-funded IoT startups
- Maintained a large asset library in continuous dialogue with key stakeholders and users of the produced communication materials
Despite the whole period of me in Sony Mobile was successful there is one project, particularly that I am very proud of.
The video
My team was asked to create a concept and produce a short video to display the possibilities of the new revolutionary 21:9 screen ratio in sell-in decks created for the presentations of the new Sony Xperia 1 to all major telecommunication companies around the world.
It had to be impressive but simple, short, and self-explanatory since it was part of a quite large sell-in presentation deck to potential buyers of the product (telecommunications providers)
I presented a concept of the video to our Creative Communications team as a storyboard and we decided to create the first draft in After Effects based on the below:
The design was based on a very simple visual language in order not to overwhelm the deck viewers and focus on the many opportunities arising for the users with this new screen. The epic music was used as an emotional stimulation for the new era and as a "grid" for the transitions between the scenes. My duties were the creation and Art Direction of the video (concept, storyboard, graphics, videos, music, feedback) and it was animated by the in-house animation team.
Reception and use
The reception was so successful that a shorter version of the video was used in the keynote of Xperia1 in the Official Sony Press Conference in the Mobile World Congress, presented by the company's President, Mitsuya Kishida.

Below, is the shorter version as appeared in the reveal of Sony Xperia1 in MWC2019 in Barcelona.

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